• ALC Distance Learning Academy:

    School Starts Monday August 24, 2020 for all students.   

    Distance Learning only students will not attend class in person at the ALC, you will work at home with your ALC teachers and follow your schedule. You will follow the daily schedule for the ALC from 9:15-1:15. This is how attendance is taken. Teachers are also available until 3:00 daily to work with you virtually.  

    • Schedules will be emailed to your school email by Monday, August 24. 
    • Trouble logging in to your email or Odysseyware?  Contact a staff member.  
    • You will keep your device that you received last year. If you did not check out a device, you will need to contact us and we will make arrangements to check a device out.  This includes a hot spot, if needed. 
    • Insurance information for your device will be available soon. The cost will be $23 for the school year. 


    • School email: Please make sure you use your school email account. It will be very important to check your school email throughout each school day.  
    • Odysseyware: You can also  communicate with your teacher through OW.albertleasd.owschools.com  
    • Google Meet: Often, when you are not at school, you will need to use Google Meet to communicate with and receive instruction from your teachers.  

    Attendance: Teachers will record attendance each day based on participation in each of your classes according to your schedule.  

    • Completing assignments in OW.
    • Taking a test/quiz
    • Participating in a scheduled Google Hangout 
    • Individual discussion, instruction or communication with a teacher, counselor, social worker through email, OW, Google Meet/Hangout. 

    Teachers are also available until 3:00 each day to assist you virtually.   


    • Odysseyware will continue to be our web based curriculum tool.albertleasd.owschools.com 
    • English classes will continue to allow students to choose books of interest to them to meet the required English standards. We have Mrs. Olson’s books available for you to check out.  
    • Work Based Learning Program: Students who are working or plan on working may participate in the Work Based Learning Program. If your work hours are greatly reduced or you are laid off during this time, communicate with Mrs. Gustafson regarding your situation (erin.gustafson@alschools.org).