Bus Rules

Albert Lea Area Schools Rules For School Bus Passengers

The Albert Lea Public School System provides bus transportation for your child to and from school. It is necessary to have certain rules and regulations in order to protect the welfare of every child. Each per­son, regardless of age, must take the responsibility of following these rules. They should realize that carelessness, thoughtlessness or misconduct can cause injury to themselves or their fellow passengers. Please review the safety rules listed below.

1. Only pupils assigned to the bus by the school board or designated administration officer shall be transported at district expense. In no case shall the number assigned result in more than three passen­gers per seat.

2. At the bus stop (home or school) students are asked to:

A. Be on time. Board the bus only at your assigned pick-up point.

B. Stay back from the curb so that you will not accidentally slip or fall into the street or distract passing motorists.

C. Wait for the bus to come to a com­plete stop and the driver to open the door before proceeding to the bus. Do not push, crowd, or cut the line. Line up in a single row.

D. Take a seat promptly, remain seat­ed, and do not move around the bus.

E. When it is time to leave the bus, stay seated until the bus has com­pletely stopped. Do not push or crowd to get off.

3. On the bus: The school bus ride is part of the school day. Your driv­er is on the bus to provide a safe and pleasant trip:

A. Please follow the instructions of the driver promptly and courteously.

B. For everyone's safety, materials such as: guns, loaded or unloaded; gasoline cans, empty or full; animals or any other object of dangerous or objectionable nature are not allowed in a school bus.

C. A student may be charged for dam­age to the bus. Please respect your bus.

D. Remember to keep voices quiet so that your driver can hear traffic nois­es and be especially quiet at railroad crossings.

E. First aid kits, flares and the emer­gency door are for emergency use only, and should not be handled by students.

F. Fighting, abusive language or pro­fanity, throwing objects, use of chemi­cals or tobacco and general "horse­play" will not be tolerated.

G. Windows may be opened only with the permission of the bus driver. Never put your head, arms, feet (or any object) out of the window.

H. Spitting, littering, lighting matches and other behavior threatening the safety, well-being and respect for oth­ers will not be allowed.

4. When leaving the bus:

A. Use the handrail when stepping off the bus.

B. When you step off the bus, move away from the bus.

C. If you must cross the street, inside or outside the city limits, you should:

1. Walk ten feet ahead of the bus.

2. Stop and look back at the bus driver and wait until the driver gives you the signal to cross. Then look left, right, and left.

3. Walk quickly across the street. Don't stop or turn back.

Students who do not obey these safety rules and regulations may be denied transportation as out­lined in the following "Discipline Procedures."

Any action by a student that threat­ens the safety of the bus driver and/or passengers or that violates a school regulation will be dealt with according to the following policy. In all cases, the decision of the bus driver is final and will be reported in writing to the appropriate school administrator.

Referral #1 - The bus driver will make a written report to the principal. The student will be informed of the policy and written notice will be sent to the parents.

Referral #2 - The bus driver will make a written report to the principal. The student will be suspended from riding the bus for a period of one (1) to five (5) days. The parents will be contacted informing them of the dura­tion of the suspension.

Referral #3 - The bus driver will make a written report to the principal. The student will be suspended from further bus service for a period of more than five days or until the end of the school year. Furthermore, the School District also reserves the right to suspend students from bus service for the entire period of the student's enrollment. The parents may request a conference with the principal, Director of Transportation, and/or a representative of the bus company to review the reasons for the suspension or propose alternatives to suspension.

However, Referrals #1 and #2 may be waived by the District if the severity of the first violation is such that com­mon sense dictates immediate sus­pension fo any amount of time up to the balance of the school year for the safety of other students and/or a bus driver.

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