Community Transition Interagency Committee


All transition age youth and young adults with disabilities in our community will develop the necessary life skills to prepare themselves for successful futures.


To connect youth and young adults with disabilities and their families to community resources to provide a vehicle for youth to get involved in the decision making activities that will affect their future.

Community=all of Freeborn County

Transition=The time for young adults with disabilities (ages 14-21) prepare for success in life after high school. Those with disabilities may need special assistance in the areas of WORK, HOME LIVING, POST SECONDARY TRAINING and LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES, RECREATION and LEISURE, and COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION.

Interagency= Members include students, parents, educators, employers and social service providers.

Committee=Monthly meetings are held to promote transition awareness.


MEMBERSHIP: Freeborn County CTIC

Membership includes representatives from:

  • Special Education
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Community and/or Adult Education
  • Post-Secondary Education and Training
  • Consumers with disabilities who have received transition services
  • Parents of youth with disabilities
  • Local Businesses and Industry
  • County Social Services
  • Health Agencies
  • Public / Private Adult Services Providers


Transition Planning Addresses:

  • Where the individual will live
  • How the individual will travel within the community
  • What personal management skills the individual will need
  • How the individual will manage financially
  • Where the individual will live
  • How relationships will be developed/maintained with the individual's family and friends
  • What medical services the individual needs
  • What types of advocacy and legal services the individual will need
  • What vocational training options are available