Early Childhood Family Education | ECFE

A typical ECFE class includes parent/child time with activities, stories and parent-only discussion groups that are held at the same time as the child-only experiences. Additional services include special family events, home-visiting and connections to other community resources.

There are classes for all ages of children Infant through five year olds. Classes are held during school hours and in the evening. Families may register through our office at Brookside Education Center 211 W Richway Drive, by telephone (507.379.4838), or at https://alschools.ce.eleyo.com/

Parents often comment how important ECFE has been to their lives. Some of the effects reported include:

Higher self-esteem and coping
Increased recognition of a parent’s role as the child’s teacher
Better techniques to control children’s behavior
A greater sense of control over one’s life
The chance to meet other parents of young children
Increased knowledge of child development

Mission Statement:
ECFE will strengthen families and support the ability of all parents to provide the best possible environment for the healthy growth and development of their children. ECFE will provide a comprehensive curriculum based on best practices and research on early brain development and learning.

For more information call 379-5176 or email nancy.tatarek@alschools.org