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Transitions Programs

The Albert Lea Transition Program is a post high school special education transition program available to students at Albert Lea Area Schools as determined by their Individual Education Plan (IEP) team. Using the IEP team process, the Albert Lea Transition Program services support students to achieve their goals by providing specialized instruction, training, and support.

Students have access to skill-development activities designed to meet their individual needs in the five transition areas listed below:

  • Jobs and job training
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Community participation
  • Independent living
  • Post-secondary/Post-school planning

The Transition program is designed to assist students in preparing for success in adult life by focusing on student and team identified transition outcomes. This program is unique in that it focuses on building skills to help transition to life after public school. Students will engage in classroom and community activities that will benefit both the student and the community. The focus for learners will be on growth in independence in living, working and acquiring new skills. High School coursework and curriculum is typically no longer appropriate for supporting student progress on individualized goals. 

Tammy Willis 
Secondary Special Education Coordinator