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Health Services

Rhonda Streckert
District Health Clerk

Meredith Gonzales
Licensed School Nurse 

Jill Pryor
Licensed School Nurse 

Stefanie Stevens
Licensed School Nurse 507.379.4828  

Jamie Swanson
Licensed School Nurse

Welcome to Albert Lea Area Schools Health Services. We are committed to providing relevant health and resource information for the Albert Lea Area Schools community.
The district has licensed school nurses who collaborate with students, families, staff, and community partners to promote student health for academic success.

The health services team interacts in partnership with the educational team to promote safe and healthy behaviors in our students that support student achievement, health, and well being.

The model of health services in Albert Lea Area Schools uses a combination of Licensed School Nurses (LSN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Health Clerks.

The Licensed School Nurse (LSN) develops and supervises a system of first aid, illness management, emergency care, and health-related policies. The LSN provides assessments, plans, and documents for students with health issues. Provides screening services in the schools. Coordinates prevention and control of communicable diseases and serves as a resource to staff, students, and families regarding health concerns and health education.

The Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) provide care for ill and injured students, administration of medications, carrying out treatments and procedures under the supervision of the Licensed School Nurse (LSN). The LPNs also provide support to medically fragile students as part of the special education program.

Health Clerks serve as school nurse extenders by supporting the nurse in the health office performing health office clerical functions, caring for ill and injured students, and carrying out delegated nursing activities performed under the LSN's license (such as giving medications and/or nursing procedures).