Maps & Directions

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    This is a map of District 241 facilities. For directions, simply select a destination. Schools are in blue and sports venues are in red. This map was last updated Dec 13, 2007.

    blue map dot Albert Lea High School, 2000 Tiger Lane Albert Lea, MN 56007 | 507.379.5340

    blue map dot Brookside Education Center, 211 West Richway Drive Albert Lea, MN 56007 | 507.379.4800

    blue map dot Halverson Elementary School, 707 10th Street Albert Lea, MN 56007 | 507.379.4900

    blue map dot Hawthorne Elementary School, 1000 East Hawthorne Street Albert Lea, MN 56007 | 507.379.4960

    blue map dot Lakeview Elementary School, 902 Abbott Street Albert Lea, MN 56007 | 507.379.5020

    blue map dot Sibley Elementary School, 1501 West Front Street Albert Lea, MN 56007 | 507.379.5080

    blue map dot Southwest Middle School, 1601 West Front Street Albert Lea, MN 56007 | 507.379.5240

    red map dot Albert Lea City Arena, 701 Lake Chapeau Drive Albert Lea, MN 56007 Arena Website

    red map dot Albert Lea Tennis Courts, Y. H. Hanson Avenue Albert Lea, MN 56007

    red map dot Hammer Field, Corner of Hammer Road & Bridge Avenue Albert Lea, MN 56007

    red map dot Hayek Field, 4th Avenue & West Clark Street Albert Lea, MN 56007