• Elementary: 7:50am-2:50pm
    Secondary in-person times 9:15am-1:15pm at ALHS/ALC and 9:15am-1:25pm at SWMS. Fridays are virtual for all students.  

    What does in-person instruction mean? 

    To accomadate the second tier of bussing the district has added for secondary students, elementary schools will start 20 minutes earlier, with the school day running 7:50am-2:50pm. On Fridays, instruction occurs virtually so that buildings can be thoroughly cleaned. On these off-site days, or if a student is at home, they will be educated virtually by their same teachers. The district will provide free childcare to school-age children of Tier One essential workers on Fridays.

    Special Education

    Whatever learning model the family chooses, instruction will continue to be provided based upon the student's Individualized Education Plan.

    Questions? welisten@alschools.org