Administrator's Corner

Monday, March 11, 2019

Principal’s Corner by Diane Schultz

On Tuesday, our third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students performed a musical called “We are Monsters.” As I stood along the wall watching the performance, I got tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my arms several times. The students poured their hearts and souls into this performance.

Ms. Mickelson held rehearsals during the school day and after school to ensure parts were memorized and songs were ready. Students spent time outside of their school day singing and rehearsing.

This type of dedication, perseverance and determination are qualities that are shown daily by our students and staff. Students are engaged in activities using creativity and problem solving. Students are seen sharing their thoughts and ideas with each other to help them determine the path to take to solve equations, story problems and projects that are focused on student-centered inquiry.

When students are given opportunities to use their talents and skills with guidance, they can achieve anything. In watching the performance Tuesday and seeing what our students are working on in their classrooms, I am astounded by the talent all of our students possess. They show us when given the opportunities to communicate, collaborate, be creative and to critically think they can be successful.

Leaders in the making! I am one proud “Mama Bear” at Sibley Elementary.