Mayo Clinic Health System Mini Job Fair

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
On Friday, February 22nd, the Mayo Clinic Health System - Albert Lea Campus hosted a Mini Job Fair for students from Albert Lea High School interested in medical careers.  The students heard about a wide variety of careers including Nursing, Radiologist, Sonographer, Physical Therapist, Administration, Surgeon, Nurse Anesthetist, and Physician's Assistant.  After hearing about these careers, the students went on a guided tour of the Radiology, Ultrasound, CT, and the Imaging areas as well as the Hyperbaric Wound Care area.
Following this tour, the students put on blue sterile suits and were brought to a Surgical Suite.  While at the Surgical Suite, the students took in a "mock surgery" presentation on what all occurs in a surgical procedure.  They heard from several staff members about their roles during the surgery and learned about all of the safety procedures that go into a surgical procedure.  The students were able to see the equipment used during a surgery, examine a couple of the devices used during a procedure, and learned as the staff demonstrated some of the techniques used during a procedure.
The M.C.H.S. Mini Job Fair was a great experience for our students and many confirmed their interest in the medical career field as a future career path.  The Albert Lea Area Schools wish to thank the Mayo Clinic Health System and the following M.C.H.S. staff who participated in the Mini Job Fair experience:  Harry Robison, Kari Irgens, Dr. Hannah Brandts, Michael Starner, Chris Utz, BrieAnne Tubbs, Melissa Barr, Patricia Dahl, Dean Hanson, Jr., and Dr. Mark Ciota.  We would also like to thank Deb Monson, Economics Teacher at Albert Lea High School, and Jean Eaton, Director of the Albert Lea Greater Education Project, for their roles in assisting with this experience as part of the students' Economics class.