Girls Tennis

Co-Head Coaches
Karol Hansen and Jennessa Runia-Bade
karol.hansen@alschools.org jennessa.runia.bade@alschools.org

Lettering Policy 
Albert Lea Girls Tennis players who finish the season (as an active member through completion of the season as determined by the coach) and do so without any violations or suspensions will earn a varsity letter, given the following criteria has been met. 

Student Athlete has 90% attendance at practice AND at least one of the following criteria has been met: 

(1) Competed in half of the scheduled varsity events,

(2) earned four varsity wins, 

(3) placed at the individual section tournament, 

(4) was a member of the section tournament team, OR 

(5) is a senior and has completed the season in good standing. 

Managers who complete two seasons (as an active member through completion of the season as determined by the coach) as a varsity manager will earn a varsity letter. The Head Coach will determine the number of managers that the team will have each season. This number may be different from year to year. 

*Coaches discretion applies in all circumstances.

Captain Selection Process
Captains will model the academic, athletic, and behavioral expectations of the Albert Lea Girls Tennis team and will lead the team in every aspect.  Any serious actions that go against captain expectations may result in a captain losing the title and leadership role (Chemical violations will result in captains losing the title).

Team Captains will: 

  • Model team spirit and enthusiasm. Lead team-building activities before and during the season.

  • Communicate with the head coach regarding any team issues, conflict, questions, wants, or needs.  Captains are also expected to alert coaches of behavior unbecoming of a Albert Lea Girls Tennis player.

  • Demonstrate leadership in the classroom. 

  • Demonstrate timeliness in the classroom, for practice, and matches.

  • Lead the team in warm-ups at every practice. 

  • Schedule, plan, and carry out the captain's practices and summer hit-arounds. Encourage attendance.

  • Keep the tennis shed, courts, and any area we use as a team at a reasonable level of cleanliness. After practices and matches (both home and away), captains will make sure the courts and buses are tidy and better than we found them. 

  • Provide assistance in fundraisers. 

  • Communicate with all players (including using the captains’ facebook page); ensure no athlete is left without a ride. 

2019 Captain Season Application Process:

For 2019 captains, if you would like to be a captain, please submit your names to the coaches. Then you will write a maximum 1 page letter to the team listing your qualifications and reasons for being a great asset to the team as a captain. Those letters will be approved by the coaches and then will be read outloud to the team. The team will then vote on captains. Submit printed letters to coaches by Monday 8/19 by the end of practice. The letters will be read to the team and voted on 8/20.