Hollow Tree Reading Program

The Hollow Tree Reading Program is offered to all students. It is a voluntary, independent reading program which provides parents an opportunity to work with their children to improve and encourage their children to read.

After a student listens to a book read to him/her or reads a book, parents then listen to the student tell about the book. The title is then recorded on the form provided by the media center. The K-3 students will receive a free book after reading and telling about 75 different titles. The 4th and 5th grade students receive a free book after recording 25 different titles.

The following guidelines must be followed:
1. The ENTIRE book must be read. (Drawing books, joke books, and magazines should not be used for Hollow Tree recording.)
2. The child should retell the main ideas or events of the story.
3. The child should identify their favorite part of the book and explain why it is their favorite part.
4. The PARENT MUST RECORD the title of the book and the date completed.
5. Upon completion of reading and recording books, the student may return the form to the school media center and will be able to choose a free book.
6. The student may then pick up a new form and continue reading and recording.