Monday, March 30, 2020

3/30/20 Distance Learning links below.




District 241 Tech Support
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

3/20/20 Buildings will be open Wednesday, March 25th, 7:30am-3:30pm & Thursday, March 26th, 11:00am-7:00pm. Students should gather personal belongings from their lockers, desks, and any items in the health office. There will also be iPad/Chromebook distribution at the elementary schools and ALC. Families have the option to insure the devices against accidental damage for the remainder of the school year for $5. 

3/20/20 An employee of Albert Lea Area Schools has tested positive for the Coronavirus. The individual likely contracted it while traveling over spring break. Upon the onset of flu-like symptoms, the individual was advised by a medical provider not to return to work. The individual has not set foot in the school where they work since before spring break began on March 7. The employee is not a resident of Freeborn County. The district is doing a deep clean of the individual's work area. The Minnesota Department of Health has been notified and is aware of the situation. 

3/15/20 Albert Lea Area Schools will be closed starting Monday, March 16th, through Friday, March 27th.  On Monday, March 30th, we will begin to implement our distance learning plan for all students in Early Childhood through Grade 12. More information will be forthcoming on the distribution of Chromebook and iPads for students in grades K-5.  The school district is also developing a plan for the distribution of student meals. 

In addition, no student activities will be held.

3/15/20 Health care and Emergency Workers:  As Directed By Governor Walz, Albert Lea Area Schools will be offering free school age child care for 5-12 year old students from 7:30am-3:30pm starting Wednesday, March 18, in the Albert Lea Area School elementary buildings and SWMS. There is a list of eligible healthcare and emergency workers below. If you are interested in school age child care please contact your student’s elementary school or Southwest Middle School to provide information to​ office​ staff. Also let us know if transportation will be required.

● Long-term facility personnel (full-time and part-time) o Group Homes and supportive housing settings o Residential Homes
o Nursing Homes
o Residential mental health, substance use disorder, pediatric/adolescent residential treatment facilities
● Post-acute Care personnel (full-time and part-time)
o Long-term hospital
o In-patient rehabilitation
o Home Health
o Skilled nurses
● Home health and personal care attendants (PCAs)
● Adult, adolescent and pediatric residential mental health, behavioral health or substance use disorder treatment facilities, intensive residential treatment services (IRTS), emergency shelters, Health Care for the Homeless providers, and homeless drop-in centers
● MNsure Navigators
● County and tribal financial/eligibility workers for public programs
● State, tribal and county staff in emergency management or health and human services, including case managers and direct service delivery
● County and tribal child welfare
● Pharmacy employees necessary for filling prescriptions

Emergency Medical Services personnel (full-time)
● Paramedics
● EMTs
● Immediate supervisory staff
● EMS Operators and dispatchers
● EMS region medical directors – necessary to make override decisions to direct ambulances to other ERs based on medical needs

Law Enforcement personnel
● Full-time Police Officers and their supervisory staff
● Full-time Sheriffs and their supervisory staff
● Full time Minnesota DNR sworn conservation officers and their supervisory staff
● Full-time State Patrol Officers and their supervisory staff
● 911 Operators and dispatchers their supervisory staff
● Full-time Investigators (at the discretion of their Agency Chief)

Firefighter personnel
● Full-time firefighters
● Paid on call duty crew

Personnel Providing Correctional Services
Minnesota Correctional Facility Staff
● Corrections officers
● Correctional Lieutenants
● Correctional Captains
● Physical plant
● Correctional facility case managers
● Correctional facility educators and educational paraprofessionals
● Wardens
● Associate wardens
● Correctional facility office assistants
● Correctional facility nurses and supervisors
● Correctional program therapists
● Correctional facility IT staff
● Correctional facility Human Resources staff
● Correctional facility financial services personnel
● Correctional facility records personnel
● Correctional facility safety officers

Centralized Correctional Operations Personnel
● Medical director
● Director of health services
● Reentry Services personnel
● Policy and legal services personnel
● Offender transportation personnel

● Centralized records personnel
● Centralized human resources personnel
● Investigators - Office of Special Investigations/Professional Accountability
● Minnesota Department of Corrections personnel assigned to Incident Management Team
● Minnesota Department of Corrections personnel assigned to Continuity of Operations team
● Minnesota Department of Corrections government and community relations personnel
● Minnesota Department of Corrections Hearings and Release Unit personnel
● Minnesota Department of Corrections Behavioral Health Unit personnel
● Minnesota Department of Corrections – Communications Unit
● Minnesota Department of Corrections – Office of Commissioner

Minnesota Correctional Supervision Services
● State Probation officers and supervisors
● State Probation agents and supervisors
● State Supervised release agents and supervisors
● State intensive supervised release agents and supervisors
● County Probation officers and supervisors
● County Probation agents and supervisors
● County Supervised release agents and supervisors
● County intensive supervised release agents and supervisors

Public Health Personnel
● State, tribal and local public health employees directly supporting the response of COVID-19 and other infectious disease operations
● State, tribal and local public health officials responding to imminent public health threats
● Newborn health screeners
● State, tribal and local public health lab priority services
● State, city, county and tribal emergency management essential personnel supporting COVID-19

Court Personnel
● Full-time Court personnel

Essential Tier 2 Workers
Beyond the emergency workers listed in the Governor’s Executive Order, there are other critical workers that are absolutely necessary for districts to consider. Care for children of educators, gas and electric utility workers, food distribution personnel, water treatment staff, and others outlined below is essential to ensuring the public continues to receive these vital services.

Districts should make every effort to provide care for school-age children of workers in the areas below, if they are able to do so while adhering to the Minnesota Department of Health’s social distancing guidelines.

● Educators
● Child care workers
● MNDoT employees
● State and local essential IT personnel

● Substance disorder treatment workers
● Medical examiners
● National Guard (if activated)

Water Treatment/Wastewater
● Water Treatment Plant Operators
● Drinking water distribution system maintenance workers
● Safe drinking water delivery personnel
● Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
● Storm and sanitary sewer system maintenance workers

Day-to-Day Operations for Gas and Electric Utilities
● Electric utility lineworkers, substation technicians, meter technicians, dispatchers, power plant operators
● Operations managers and supervisors
● Fleet and maintenance technicians
● Transmission and distribution engineers and operators
● Construction coordinators and technicians
● Fuel technicians
● Relay coordinators
● Control room/center operators
● Cybersecurity related information technology personnel
● Gas safety personnel
● Gas utility operations personnel
● Water system operators, water treatment plant operators
● Wastewater system operators, wastewater treatment plant operators
● Managers with key responsibility for customer and community communications and response

Emergency Response for Gas and Electric Utilities
● Damage assessment personnel
● Engineers
● Safety personnel
● Communications personnel
● Mutual aid crews from other utilities

Food Distribution Workers
[ADDED 03/18/20]: Food Production Personnel

Food Distribution Centers
● Drivers
● Order selectors
● Forklift loaders
● IT personnel
● Mechanics
● Sanitation workers

In-Store Food Personnel
● Store clerks
● Stockers
● Food preparation personnel
● Cleaning staff
● Deli and produce staff

Public Works
● City fleet (emergency equipment, fire trucks, police vehicles, etc.) maintenance workers
● Traffic signal system maintenance workers
● Emergency repair workers for bridges, water and sewer main breaks, and other emergent issues
● Administrative support personnel that ensure OSHA safety requirements and field support for operations
● Snowplow drivers

Solid Waste Management (waste, recyclable/organics)
● Collection, transfer trailer truck drivers and their fleet maintenance crews
● Transfer stations, landfills, resource recovery, recycling and organics facility operations staff
● Heavy equipment operators, facility operators (e.g. scale house operator, loader operator, line operators, boiler operator)
● Environmental systems (e.g. gas and leachate management, pollution control equipment)
Infectious and Hazardous Waste Management
● Infectious and hazardous waste collection personnel
● Infectious facilities operations personnel (e.g. autoclave and incineration operators)
● Hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities operations personnel

Other Shelter Staff and Outreach Workers
● Outreach workers to people experiencing homelessness
● Shelter and drop-in center maintenance, housekeeping and janitorial staff
● Shelter and drop-in center security staff
● Shelter and free meal program food preparation staff
● Domestic violence and victims services shelter staff
Telecommunication Network Operations
● Outside plant technicians for infrastructure restoration
● Install/Repair Technicians for customer premise restoration as needed
● Customer service representatives that interface with customers on service troubles
● Dispatchers involved with service repair and restoration