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Planned Virtual Days


We are currently experiencing significant staffing issues in the district. To help reduce the stress caused by these absences the board voted to replace the following six traditional days in the school calendar with six virtual Wednesdays for K-12 students:

December 15th

January 26th

February 16th

March 2nd

April 6th

May 4th

Students will be given assignments prior to each virtual day, and work on them from home or at the district childcare. Attendance will be taken via their homework.

Elementary students in need of childcare will attend their own school at their regular time. If they receive transportation by the school district, they will continue to do so. Students will be fed at school. Lunch will not be provided for students not at childcare. We have information from families that indicated they needed childcare from a survey sent last week.  If you are still in need of childcare, please contact your school office.




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