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Anti-mask group attempts to disrupt ALHS traffic

Some adults attempted to enter the Albert Lea High School parking lot at the end of the school day to protest the school district's mask mandate for secondary students. School administration members stopped individual vehicles that showed up for the rally from entering the ALHS lot. A few of the protestors then crossed the street to the parking lot of a local business, where they unveiled signs. The local business management asked that the protestors leave their premises, so the group moved to another company down the street.

Fortunately, the high school administration was able to keep the protest group out of the high school parking lot as students were being released. 

Dr. Mike Funk, Albert Lea Area School District Superintendent, stated: "This had the potential to be a very dangerous situation for our students. To see a group of grown adults come and attempt to disrupt our high school parking lot at the end of the school day is very disturbing. The high school is the busiest spot in Freeborn County for vehicle traffic when school is released. We are already having traffic challenges with the main intersection of Bridge and Hammer out. Whoever planned this protest was putting our students at significant risk.  This behavior was completely unacceptable. Thank goodness we had the high school team lead by Chris Dibble to keep our students safe."