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Social Media Statement from Albert Lea Area Schools and Albert Lea Police Department

Friday, December 17

We have had some inquiries about why the Albert Lea Area School District and Albert Lea Police Department did not promote the TikTok threat to school safety today.

The threat on TikTok was a non-specific, general national threat. Both the ALPD and Albert Lea Area Schools Administration did not view it as credible for our community.

To bring public attention to an unsubstantiated non-specific threat would have caused a great deal of stress and anxiety to the mental health of students, staff and their families. It would also encourage further irresponsible behavior on social media.

The safety of our students and staff remains our priority. We will continue to communicate credible information to the community, as it is the practice of both the Albert Lea Police Department and Albert Lea Area Schools.

Dr. Mike Funk, Superintendent 
J.D. Carlson, Director of Public Safety