Human Resources Information & Forms

Family & Medical Leave Application

Please fill out this form when requesting any type of leave, including leave eligible under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This form is in lieu of a personal letter requesting leave. If you have any further questions, please call 379-4806.

Fitness for Duty Form

Please have your physician complete this form before you return to work from a serious health condition. Please contact 379-4814 if you have further questions.

Harassment Form

Please complete attached form and return to Kathy Niebuhr, Executive Director of Administrative Services

Request for Pre-Approval of Credits for Salary Advancement

Please fill-out the attached form when taking course work and/or accredited Master's Degree programs proposed to be taken by a teacher to be approved by the Human Resources. If you are enrolling in a Master's program, please contact the District Office to set-up a meeting with Kathy Niebuhr to discuss your plans. Thank you.

Retirement or Resignation Letter Template

If you plan on resigning or retiring from Albert Lea Area Schools, please save attached template to your computer, fill-out and email or deliver to Kathy Niebuhr, Executive Director of Administrative Services at the District Office and contact Bria Schreiber in the Insurance Department regarding your retirement benefits. Thank you.